North Lewis Maritime Society

Callicvol SY34

Callicvol was originally built for an Outward Bound School, in about 1974, by John Murdo Macleod. Simon Gray, son of the man who commissioned her, passed the boat to the society. 

Recently serious surgical work on Callicvol was taking place at the yard of boatbuilder Mark Stockl, near Ullapool. SPA have again been vital partners in this project, which has the aim of enabling younger and less strong persons the experience of this special form of sailing. 

Just before she was sent across the Minch for the work, her builder gave a very moving presentation in the Education Department's workshop in Inaclete Road which was well attended. Stated aims of Falmadair have education as well as heritage and recreation at their heart and this was a fitting way to fulfil that part of our project, thanks to John Murdo's commitment and spirit. Volunteers have crossed the Minch or travelled from other parts to assist Mark by carrying out painting and timber treatment at each stage. She came 'home' for her final fitting out in 2017. She now is in commission, sporting the very fine new sail purchased with a specific donation from the Port Authority. 

Callicvol has joined a near identical privately owned sgoth in harbour-based activiites. John (Brownie) Smith bought his own identical sail for Manisiadair and it looks as if Mark has an order for a third matching craft. We all hope to see a fleet of like craft by our next maritime festival. There are a couple of other similar small sgoth Niseach in commission and we would urge owners to think of taking part in our next gathering. Secretary Janet Marshall would be pleased to hear from you: nervesofsteeljanet@gmail.com

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John Mitchell with the new tiller he made for Callicvol

Callicvol before, during, and after restoration

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