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Launch of Callicvol

Training sessions for new members

Starting at the end of April 2022, Falmadair has run a series of training sessions aimed primarily at new members, but existing members are welcome to attend. Topics covered include:

Knots, Collision Regulations, Chartwork, Passage Planning, and Weather. Everyone has had an opportunity to see the various Sgoth, climb aboard, and even have a sail.

We are all looking forward to getting out on the water more often as conditions permit.

Annual General Meeting 

At our most recent Annual General Meeting on 21st April 2022, the following were elected:


We are delighted to announce more support from Comunn Eachdraidh Nis, Urras Oighreachd Ghabhsainn, the Healthy Islands Fund, Lewis and Harris Sports Council, Bells Nautical Trust, Stornoway Port Authority, and several individuals. This means we can continue with the ongoing programme of maintenance and repair that wooden boats demand plus that we can offer more training and sailing opportunities to everyone.

Being a registered charity, we are always looking at ways of supporting the organisation so donations and ideas for fundraising are always welcome. We recently had some wonderful donations for a raffle - and this has helped with the upkeep of the boats.

David Skelly

Donald MacSween

Ally MacLeod

Brenda Jones

Ian Stephen

Janet Marshall

Ewen Finlayson








Board Member

Board Member

At the online meeting welcome news about funding was announced which means that the ongoing programme of maintenance can be continued. The issue of Jubilee SY 233 was discussed, being such a valuable historically important vessel it was agreed that Falmadair shall work with Comunn Eiadraidh Nis to help preserve her.

New members were welcomed onto the team. It was agreed to have a Board meeting on the second Thursday of every month.

Ùrachadh: The Renewal of an Sulaire

Mhairi Law of Island Darkroom held a photographic exhibition, Ùrachadh: The Renewal of An Sulaire at Comunn Eiadraidh Nis from Monday 26th April 2021 until Saturday 25th September. Copies of her book were available at the Comunn. Mhairi can be contacted on info@islanddarkroom.com

Photographs by Mhairi Law, commissioned by Falmadair maritime trust.

In December 1994, a new vessel of gleaming larch planks was lifted from a Stornoway shed and taken to Cuddy Point. People of all ages turned out to see an Sulaire (the gannet) touch salt water for the first time. Working from memory, photographs, wreckage and models,boatbuilder John Murdo, assisted by Angus Smith, recreated the large class of sgoth, a traditional Isle of Lewis fishing vessel developed to work further offshore.

A wooden boat, exposed to rain and wind, requires a huge amount of maintenance. Since her build, an Sulaire has required replacements and repairs to keep her safe and enjoyed by the local community.

Commissioned by Falmadair (North Lewis Maritime Trust), these photographs by Mhairi Law document the work and the people involved in an Sulaire’s latest series of repairs, following her journey from Stornoway to Ardhasaig in Harris where boatbuilder Mark Stockl took on the major structural works and replacements. These images capture the conservation of a vessel of maritime heritage, her inherited design a testament to the thoughts, skills and lives of the people gone before us. They also show the local response to a call to contribute to this ongoing task of care required with these boats, and one that is loyally answered.

Open Day on Saturday 29th September 2018

In association with Sport Scotland Clubs Open Week we had an Open Day on Saturday 29th September. Many came along to see for themselves about Falmadair, and came out with us for a we sail. You can support us tremendously by becoming a member, we do family, concession and corporate membership too, click here for more details.

Falmadair: North Lewis Maritime Society

By necessity, Falmadair has changed its constitution in order to comply with OSCR the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator and become a SCIO a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation. In a Special General Meeting on Thursday 20th April 2017 the Committee agreed to start the process. The name of the organisation shall be: Falmadair: North Lewis Maritime Society.

Registered charity number: SC038938