North Lewis Maritime Society


Falmadair, The North Lewis Maritime Society, adopts the Gaelic word for tiller as its name because its constituted aims are more than just the preservation of maritime heritage in the form of our unique vessels. The society also aims to promote an awareness of the sea and a better understanding of the marine and coastal environment; to promote culture through an active interest in local maritime history and heritage; and to promote education & personal development through developing maritime skills.

The society was formed in 1979 to look after the restored Jubilee, (SY233 - 1935) the only surviving example of the working vessel known as the Sgoth Niseach. We became active partners in a second restoration of Jubilee in 2006, with The Sail Loft Project and Proiseact nan Ealan. The charitable trust also took responsibility for the smaller Broad Bay (SY594), rebuilt and re-rigged to work as a training vessel, with its lighter equipment.

In 2014 Falmadair inherited an Sulaire (SY456), John Murdo Macleod’s recreation of the larger class of sgoth Niseach, launched in 1994. The society completed repairs and maintenance to bring her back into active community use. In 2015 they were gifted Callicvol (SY34), a rare small example of a ‘half sgoth’, again built by John Murdo Macleod. Callicvol is currently undergoing repairs and will, hopefully, join the fleet later in 2017.

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